Day 115 – The Next Chapter


I am awake, I am alive, as the journey continues …

A restless night last night, unsure as to why although I think the most likely culprit is the change underfoot. With the lease signing yesterday, it is official. I am leaving my condo on the hill and moving to a new home with a yard and a deck, with no stairs and more room. A perfect home for grandchildren to visit and a business worman to reside and I cannot wait.

But no matter how exciting the next chapter, I have learned the wisest among us take the time to honour what came before, to grieve what is now done, to solidify the memories in memory banks ensuring they are easier to recall in future moments.

Last night, I feel my body and spirit knew change was imminent. Those cloest to me know that I can lose sleep with something as simple as moving my bed within the same room. It is not surprising that an entirely new location caused some restlessness.

But no matter, for I will honour the feels. I will continue to thank Creator for this home that gave me so much joy, that taught me so many lessons, a location that in so many ways showed me who I am and more, who I can be when I stop telling myself I can’t.

Yet, I am happy to move on. In so many ways, I already have. It is time for back deck coffees and morning bird songs. It is time … for change which brings me to you my friend. How do you handle change? Do you enjoy it or only when you create it? Or are you one of those still trying desperately to hang on to something impossible to hold?

I have come to learn that hanging on to the past is like hanging on to water without a container. Time is free, as free as the current and it changes as do we. I, for one, have learned to enjoy the journey so show me what I will be doing next Creator and with whom. I am excited to see who I will meet and be in this next chapter. I am packed (or soon will be, literally). I am ready.

Be ready my friend. Be the child on Christmas morning, cherishing every new gift Creator sends, gifts disguised as change.