What “Lesson” Will YOU Receive Today?

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am giggling as I once again remember the value of seeing (or hearing) the lessons…

You see, in the house I grew up in, we were not allowed to ask, “Why me?” My Mother would scold us each time we uttered the words, predictably responding with, “You are asking the wrong question! The question is – What is the lesson here?”

Those who have been checking out my FB lives would have noticed that I was truly struggling with the heat of late (“Melting on camera” is more like it!). After pushing through yesterday to get things done yet again, I stopped to ask myself, “What is the lesson here?”

The answer was as instantaneous as the giggle that followed it. Yes Creator, I did need to take some time off from work. Thank you for sending the heat to remind me of that.

Now of course my “afternoon off” included shooting two Facebook Lives and doing a podcast interview (truly have to work on my definition of an “afternoon off) but I did enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening.

I heard you Creator, even if it took me DAYS to get the message.

Today, a cooler day, a great day to get things done but have no fear, I will stay alert to ALL the lessons Creator sends today.

After all, I am awake and alive.

I love you!