Day 113 – A Modern Day Poison


I am awake, I am alive and … I am home, with some heavy lessons lodged firmly in my brain.

For example, I now know, without a doubt, that intelligent does not mean informed. I now know that #Alllivesmatter poisons the air around a campfire just as effectively as it does the air in an office or home. And I now know that people you have known forever, those you really thought you knew, can surprise you and not always in a good way.

But racism, wherever it appears, must be called out. It can’t be allowed to linger for like mould that is how it spreads to everything within its reach – to other campfires, into other relationships, into homes and offices, into everything.

So I am home, appreciating sanctuary even more with the morning light, happy to know in these four walls racism does not exist. Here it is not tolerated. Here it is not allowed in the door. And if I had a firepit, you know that it wouldn’t be allowed around the fire either.

So here I am, appreciating my woke friends today, the ones who I know would have left with me, the kinda friends who you don’t have to explain stuff to because they just get it. Sadly, often because they feel it too.

The journey continues. Thank you Creator for the lessons, for the clarity because today I know one more place I do not belong, one more place I will never go again.

I love you my friend. Today I pray you are somewhere you belong, somewhere you enjoy, somewhere safe and welcoming. I pray you are hanging with great people in great places with no poison anywhere nearby.

Enjoy the day my friend.
Enjoy some clean air.