Elders Heal, So Children & Grandchildren Can Change the World

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am thinking of them, of us, and of seven generations.

The elders that came before. You need not tell them of “the schools” for they know full well the trauma of being taken, of being lonely … or worse. Their job was to survive it. Their job (for those lucky enough to make it home) is to heal from it, if they can. Their job was to have children and grandchildren, even if they had no idea how to love them. Their job is not to give interviews on the subject so please quit asking them to. Your understand is simply not worth their pain. When they are ready, when they can, they will speak. In that time all that is required of others is silence and a listening ear.

And those children and grandchildren the elders had, those that came next, their job is to continue the healing of the bloodline. Their job is to heal from the shortcomings of their parents and grandparents, growing in understanding and forgiveness as pain is replaced with knowledge. It is their job to answer the questions, to do the interviews, to protect the elders, the precious ones who were not protected in their younger days.

Each generation is given the chance to heal even if only a little more. Seven generations our elders say. Seven generations to fully put the schools behind us, to rid our bloodlines of that legacy. That is not an excuse not to heal. That is not permission to inflict pain, merely because you are in pain. It is simply a reminder that we all have jobs to do, that we are one of the seven generations and if the one after us is ever to heal, we must do our part to heal from the one that came before.

Mom, I forgive you your trespasses for I know the pain and fear they were rooted in. I go on, because you did too.

I love you.