Day 112 – The Weekendiest Weekend


I am awake, I am alive as the “weekendiest weekend” ever continues in my world.

Working is NOT on the agenda this weekend (feels strange even to say that). Rather this weekend is all about relationships and time outside of sanctuary.

It began with a late night Friday night, getting to bed at 2 am this morning. Nope, wasn’t out carousing or dancing the night away. Was babysitting the grandbabies but nevertheless, a late night.

And this morning, my mind is on packing as I prepare to head out to my girlfriend’s camp for the weekend. Campfires, bbqs, lake views and trees are my agenda for the next 30 some odd hours and I cannot wait to be in the bush again.

So my friend, in the time I am gone, I pray you laugh and love. I pray you relax and rest. I pray you dream and imagine. I pray you live in every sense of the precious word.

I fully plan to do all of the above and more.

Not sure I can post from the bush but if I can there will be a morning post tomorrow. If not, then Sunday’s post will wait until later in the glorious day.

Be well my friend.