Day 111 – Reveal Day!


I am awake, I am alive, and I am excited because today is the BEST PART OF GOAL SETTING in my mind. Yes, here in Sandi-Land, today is REVEAL DAY!

Those of you who have watched or listened to past “Surviving Isolation” episodes know that I set goals for this pandemic. There were things I wanted to accomplish and then, on June 1st, I added in a fitness goal by committing to walking 10 km a day as part of my new fitness regiment.

Well, TODAY IS THE DAY! In today’s episode (released here later today), I am going to share not only how I am doing on my goals but I am going to reveal if doing the 300 kms in June had any positive effects on my body. Truth be told, I took my measurements on June 3rd and I haven’t since but TODAY’S THE DAY!

I know I have made progresss but today I celebrate how just much and my friend, I invite you to do same. In what areas of your life have you ADVANCED not just during this pandemic but over the course of your life? Don’t bother telling me what you can’t do anymore. Take a second to tell me about what you do better, faster, with more skill or whatever it might be.

Me? I love myself wayyyyyy better than I use to. My self care game is stronger than it ever has been and now I speak with passion and empathy, not just force.

I’m thinking today is a great day to celebrate accomplishments so share away my friend! I cannot wait to hear just how far you have come cuz ….