What Do YOU Get to Be Today?

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am still smiling over the outpouring of support, of allyship demonstrated across the country yesterday. But as life moves forward, it is a simple phrase that dances in my head now, one that came to me last night.

The phrase – “You get to be …”

It happened simple enough. I decided to get in my daily steps after dinner. I had originally decided to take a day off from walking but sitting like a bump wasn’t working for me, so I decided moving was the answer.

“Get in your 10,000 steps and you get to be slim!”

The thought came out of nowhere and garnered little attention from me but out I went to get in my steps. It was as I was walking that the full gravity of the statement hit me.

“Eat two deserts, you get to be overweight for at least awhile longer.”
“Get in your steps and you get to be healthier!”
“Don’t get enough sleep and you get to be grumpy today!”

And then …

“Utter racist slurs and you get to deal with the aftermath.”
“Be disrespectful and you get to be ostracized.”

On and on, the examples rolled into my brain like a freight train, reinforcing once again the reality of self-determination.

So, this is me, consciously choosing what I get to be today. And I choose attentive, caring, brave and most importantly, observant (just in case more ideas pop into my head).

And you my friend, what do you get to be today? It is up to you, after all.

I love you!