Day 110 – Firsts (Even During a Pandemic)


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I totally and completely embrace the fact that in my world … firsts NEVER get old.

Such an amazing time for me, filled with so many firsts …

First time landing contracts that can be done completely from the comfort of my home.

First time creating and delivering online courses.

First time IN AGES to be feeling the energy that comes with regular exercise.

First time IN AGES to be enjoying my evenings as much as I enjoy my days.

First time … taking time to chat with friends whether during the day, in the evening, or way into the night, like last night.

Yes, this mornings blog post is being posted much later than the norm but that goes hand in hand with staying up much later than the norm. And it was so worth it.

Today my friend, LIVE your life. Don’t just do what you have to do. Take some time to do things you ENJOY, things that feed your soul, things that make your heart dance with the energy of youth, things that make you smile.

Because it is possible my friend – even alone, even in the midst of a pandemic, even at an advanced age.

You ARE alive so today let us FEEL ALIVE, let us BE ALIVE and for me … that always involves doing something for the first time or the first time in ages.

This video was shot 8 years ago. Firsts excited me back then too and I pray that never changes.

I love you to the MOON and back my friend.
(First time I ever said that!)



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