Do Not Think “215” or “751” or “182”

TRIGGER WARNING: Today’s post is a wake up call, a reality check but for survivors and survivor descendants, this post could be triggering. Please do not read it if it is. Your health and well being are far more important.

I am awake, I am alive and this morning all I am thinking about on this day is her … and him.

Give her a name. Do not think “215” or “751” or “182”. Those are just numbers. Think of Theresa who was 5 when she went to the schools. Think of her scared. Think of her herded like cattle. Think of her scolded. Think of her lonely. Think of her crying in the night, her sobs joining in unison to the unheard choir of tears sobbed out into the darkness by all the children in the room.

Think of her not “215” or “751” or “182”.

Give him a name. Do not think “215” or “751” or “182”. Do not do the math. Instead, think of Joe. He was 4. He was so proud of himself, catching that first fish with his dad. But then they came to take him. They cut his hair. He didn’t understand why he had to be with these strangers. He didn’t understand why he got in trouble for trying to speak to his brother. Except, maybe, it was because he didn’t use English. Think of him growing colder, angrier, more distant. Think of him not trying to run away but rather, trying to run … home.

Think of him not “215” or “751” or “182”.

Think of her and him on this day when many will consciously CHOOSE to remain oblivious to the truth, those who CHOOSE partying and flags and fireworks over grieving and reality and responsibility.

On this day, CHOOSE to be on the right side of history.

Choose to cry.

Choose to think of her and him, not “215” or “751” or “182” because 215 and 751 and 182 are easy. They are just numbers after all, too big to even comprehend, let alone feel. Thinking of Theresa and Joe is hard but thinking of Theresa and Joe is reality and it is time that we stop pretending when we think of Canada. It is time to stop making things “easy” because it wasn’t for Theresa and Joe.

And they were only 5 and 4.

I love you!