Joy Won!

Yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday, I completed by 58th lap around the sun but truth be told, as the day approached, I first felt apprehension (perhaps even fear) before the joy set in.

You see, my father died in his 68th year. Only 10 more years.

My mother died in her 78th year. Only 20 more.

Now depending on your age, you may think 10 or 20 years is a long time. After all, a baby grows to a full-on adult in 20 years. But trust me when I say, if it is your last you are looking at, it doesn’t seem long at all.

But as the date approached and I lived the days preceding it, it was impossible for me not to notice how amazing my life is, how beautiful the people in it are, how blessed I am to live my passion. As a result, the melancholy magically disappeared, overpowered by intense and complete joy.

Yesterday, that joy was validated as I spent AN ENTIRE DAY responding to texts, emails, and phone calls, love pouring in from across the GLOBE, messages that made this Kwe’s heart sing!

So, this is me, no longer sad, even if all I have are 10 or 20 more years. That is enough time, after all. Enough time to make a difference, to inspire, to invoke change, to support, to encourage, to be … because your messages proved I have already done so much of that for so many.

Rest assumed, today my journey continues and for that I am eternally grateful.

Join me today, my friend. Let us live this day as if it were our last. Let us love with abandon. Let us laugh our loudest. Let us be ALL we were meant to be because we are beautiful. We are here and most definitely, we are needed.

I love you!