Mountains …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking about … mountains.

Climbing mountains is a good thing. With practice and over time, we build skill, wisdom, and muscles. It gets easier to finish a task (small or large mountain, dependent on the task), to land a job, to deal with a challenge, to say “I love you”.

Avoiding mountains has the opposite effect, causing us to lose our skills and abilities, our knowledge and in many cases, even our nerve. We forget the steps to completing a task. We forget how to write a resume (and where our last one is). We forget how to negotiate and set healthy boundaries. We forget that saying “I love you” is as freeing as it is scary (when you truly do).

But some mountains are just too hard to climb (this is where our acquired wisdom comes in handy). Perhaps that job is just too stress-inducing (or worse) to justify the pay cheque. Perhaps the relationship delivers more pain then pleasure.

Sometimes what we need is to start over at the bottom of a new mountain, rather than fighting to dominate a mountain that we will never climb.

It is a hard decision as it can be really scary to look up at a new mountain (or to even contemplate starting over). It is then we must remember that this may be a new mountain, but we have tools with us this time – our skills, wisdom and muscles from the last mountain and the last and the last. Even if we left the last mountain halfway to the top, we climbed and that we can do again.

So my friend, you got this. It’s a mountain, nothing more. Enjoy the view. Rest when need be. Get off if its too dang treacherous but don’t blame you.

Some mountains were not meant to be climbed which is why we call them mountains.

A day of rest for me, as I prepare to climb a new mountain. Truth be told, the view is amazing, even from down here in the valley.