Day 36 – I Create SPACE!

Wondering what personal revelation and growth look like? Today’s post is an example of just that.

Some won’t get it and I ask those that don’t to refrain from commenting simply because I most definitely wrote it for those that do.


I am awake, I am alive and I … don’t take up space.

And that my friends, is decolonization at its finest because you see as Anishinabekwe, as an Indigenous woman, as an Ojibwe woman, as an Indigenous being we are not supposed to take up space – not on the land, not in the meeting, not on the schedule, not in a relationship, not in our homes, not … anywhere.

On the land, we are a barrier to development if we dare use words like “Mother Earth”, “7 generations to come”, “stewardship” or the like. We are the barrier that stop THEM (you?) from getting the resources (how they refer to our Mother) and that is simply not allowed.

In a meeting, to take up space, to point out problematic language or policy or behaviour is to “be the problem” and that slows progress making us a barrier yet again.

Taking up time on an agenda … perhaps, if those with the power to grant such luxuries deem that we or our comments indeed deserve it but sadly, Creator is never the agenda maker (not at their meetings anyway).

In a relationship, subservience, respect, ancient wisdom – we can share all of that with those entertained by such traits but rarely are we granted space to just be human – to have needs and wants. When we are (you guessed it) we are a barrier to the success of our own relationships. Shame on us.

Shame on us.

Taking up space in our homes is a luxury afforded those with partners longing for the same space, or those sharing homes with those woke enough to realize the importance of our items and rituals and ceremonies. Or perhaps you live alone (like me) paying for the luxury of space.

For years, I fought for space, fought to be seen, to be heard, to be reassured that I DO have value until a wise and powerful woman offered me a new image.

“You don’t take up space Sandi, you create it.”

And in that moment, the need for permission or acceptance or benevolence by settler descendants disappeared. I don’t take up space, I CREATE IT … space for Indigenous voices and Indigenous perspectives, space for NEW more inclusive policy and processes, space for agenda items that respect diversity, allowing me and others like me to share without requiring we pay homage to the man-made clock.

I create space … and so do you my friend, each time you speak your truth in defense of a soul, each time you stop another from denying freedom or truth from being shared, each time you erase margins and barriers, each time you dare to learn and change your own processes, behaviours, or thoughts.

I create space … in every room I speak in, in the hearts of those who need my encouragement, in my home, in my life and in this blog and it feels good, really good, to finally be free to be me.

Create some space today my friend!

I love you!


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