My Parts …


I am awake, I am alive and today I am acknowledging all that I am NOT:

– I am not my struggles
– I am not my past
– I am not my weight
– I am not my bank balance
– I am not my shortcomings
– I am not my mistakes


– I am not my achievements
– I am not my awards
– I am not my address
– I am not my vehicle
– I am not how many people like this page
– I am not how many know my name

I am a Kwe
Simply trying to find my way,
Trying to live up to who I want to be,
Trying to be the best dang version of myself.
Trying to heal.

I am all of these and none of these things.

But I am always Me
Ever changing,
Ever improving,
Ever evolving me.

And that is all I ask of myself
Each day as I type these words …


And be kind.

You with me?

I would love to see your list my friend because …