Day 35 – Investing in ME!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I have a question for you …

If money wasn’t an issue, how much would YOU invest in your own personal growth and healing?

Now, kneejerk reaction would have most enthusiastically responding with, “Whatever I need, whatever it costs!” but today I ask you “Really? Would you really?”

I know for me personally there were many, many years in which I put myself last. There was ALWAYS some bill, some need of my partner or child that had to come first. I felt immense guilt over buying an article of clothing for myself! There is no way I would have invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in myself.

But my friend, as I say so very often, “Teach others how to treat you”. Putting yourself last just teaches them to do same.

So today, this is ME, embarking on my own personal coaching/healing journey. I found an AH-MAZING coach and I cannot WAIT to bust through barriers that still exist (because yes, some still do).

Today, I am teaching the world that I am worth the investment and my friend, if the opportunity were to arise, I pray that you would teach the very same thing.

Start today, in whatever way …

I love you!


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