I am awake, I am alive, and this morning the journey continues for me and for those I pray will continue on long after I am gone.

Today, the opportunity to once again speak at Thunder Bay Regional as part of the PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) program, this time to a group of youth from Dennis Franklin Cromarty.

And as always Creator, I ask you to help me to find the right words. Guide me to look at the right young man and woman at the right time so my words resonate. Help me to share the right story, to make the right joke. Help me to illustrate for them just how precious and sacred they are in spite of the slurs thrown at them, in spite of the disrespect shown them on our streets and in our stores.

Help me to help them for their well-being and safety far outweigh the reputation of any municipality or city, in spite of inaction or statements that imply otherwise.

Yes, today I do my most important work. Helping men and women to heal is important. Guiding agencies and communities is essential but saving our kids from the insanity that is the world they were born into – that is everything.

Because I want them to be still here after I am gone.

So pray with my today my friend, pray I find the words, that I tell the story, that I reach these kids. Pray that by the end of the day they believe not in me, but in themselves just a little more.

And if you could do same with the youth you encounter today, yeah, that would be awesome.

Miigwetch my friend.

Today, let us have a great day, for their sake.