Day 34 – A Date with the Closet

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am simply … thankful.

As I review a jammed pack event calendar for February, I am thankful for these last few days of “behind the scenes” planning. Rather than being filled with presentation prep, these days are filled with the important stuff that gets lost when its busy … the stuff I don’t want to let fall through the cracks.

Which of course begs the question my friend, when do you focus on that stuff? You know, the closet that needs to be cleaned out, the clothes that need to be given away, the recipes that need to be sorted, or the book that needs to be read. When do you get to those things?

Although not high on anyone’s To Do List, I find these are the things that nag at us, making us feel like failures in our own homes. Scheduling time to tackle even one each month can bring SUCH a sense of accomplishment and control in a world that leaves us feeling more than a little powerless these days.

So, today my friend, let’s make plans to get this stuff done!

Because truth be told, if we don’t, then that crack they fall into … well, it just feels like its gets bigger by the day, threatening to swallow even us up eventually. So let’s make that plan! Schedule an afternoon with your closet the way you use to plan coffee with a friend bcause responsibility is the FASTEST cure for helplessness and I don’t want you feeling helpless even one second more.

So, hop on it my friend! I want to see you when all this is done and not at the bottom of a crack you fell into.

I love you! HUGSSSSSSS

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