Enthralled …


I am awake, I am alive, and as I turn my computer on to start my day, I see the date …

Happy birthday Bro!

You … were one of a kind (which of course, gave me permission to be).

You didn’t break molds because you didn’t even consider their existence (hmmm that sounds familiar too).

You were the first Nish I knew in business, running your corporation, hiring staff. But you had your demons too, demons that ate away at the foundation of the entities you built, destroying them time and time again.

Only for you to rebuild, every dang time.

In your elder years, you softened. Your cared SO MUCH about the youth of Seine River, you worried SO MUCH about what would happen to them if things didn’t change. You feared for them and … ignored your own health in the process.

But in the end, you got your way, as you always did. A man who detested the unnatural embalming process does not suffer through it if he isn’t found for 4 days, if he has already had time to get to Spirit World.

So on this day, your day my eldest brother, I remain your “princess”. I remain in awe of you and all that you were. I remain enthralled by the “larger than life” being you always were. I remain … the little sister that misses you.

Today, in your honour, I won’t discard or smash boxes. I will simply disregard the notion of their existence as you did time and time again. Like you, I am going to care with everything I have and like you, I am going to laugh through it all.

All the way to the end.

Thank you Bro for being someone I could look up to in every way possible.

Today my friend, join me in honouring my brother in the only way that would matter to him. Today let us STOP defending our barriers. Let’s build castles, not excuses. Let’s care. Let’s commit to a cause. Let’s … live.

It works. I saw.



George Ralph Broeffle
January 28, 1948 – December 14, 2012