I’ve Changed …


I am awake, I am alive and today the journey continues as does the fine tuning …

Have you ever just stopped in your tracks, realizing in a split moment just how much you have changed?

That is how this day started for me. The revelation hit in the midst of making my morning coffee, as I mentally reviewed what the day and week ahead would entail.

In that moment, almost blinding in its clarity, I realized so many of my new truths …

– Things that I once thought absolutely essential in my world were no longer even present.

– Things I never really thought about now of primal concern.

– Things I once said or did not even a consideration now, silently replaced by things I want to do more often and things I now say regularly.

– Some things, ideas, views have rounded, becoming less abrasive, while others have been fine-tuned into a focus with laser-like precision.

– And the people, those I spend the most time with … Wow, probably the biggest change of all.

And there I stopped, as I realized I once believed I was stuck with those in my world. I held to that conviction until the very first time my world changed drastically and suddenly. I was left with the the ability, the desire, and the need to populate a new scenario; a talent I have held onto and used many a time since.

And even though I have been the constant, I can see now how the elder loses sight of what it was like to be a youth, how a parent may forget the fear of being a child, how a lover now walking solo may lose sight of the value of a human touch.

Much revealed before that first caffeinated sip, leaving me to believe this is going to be a very insightful day.

And you my friend, what has changed in your world? I pray you did not let another take your trust, your belief in self, your joy. If you did, know you can get it back and more.

Because I did and … I did.

Food for thought my friend. Let’s resolve not to simply get older. Let’s get better. Let’s be better friends then we use to be, better partners, and better parents. Let’s be better confidants, better advocates, better leaders, better followers.

Let’s be our best selves for no one else but us because we deserve to hang with the best.

You with me?