Today Let’s Plant …


I am awake, I am alive, and today my journey continues with balance between my worlds …

This morning, work as I finish up this and that. Taking things off my To Do List is a joy and this morning I will know that joy.

And then, an afternoon of laughter and squeals as my grandchildren once again descend on the condo. They are my reward for not giving up, for believing in their Mom and uncle, for keeping it together on days when all I wanted to do was fall apart.

They … are simply the best as is this day and this journey.

Is it perfect? Definitely not. Do I mistakes? Yep, but I am learning and growing and loving all the way to the end. Right up until that moment when there is nothing else to say but “Thank you Creator”.

So join me my friend. Hug a friend today. Love a child or grandchild. Smile at a stranger. Send a text or email just to share how much joy someone else brings to the world.

Plant a seed of love or kindness or appreciation or gratitude in someone’s world. It could be the seed that sprouts a brand new and beautiful garden for them so please, plant a seed.

This is me, leading by example.

I love you my friend and my world would be a much sadder and lonelier place without you in it.




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