Mistakes …


 I am awake, I am alive, and today the journey continues as this woman continues to learn and grow thanks to what can only be called … mistakes.

Now many don’t like that word. They try to dismiss it or use another but I prefer owning it and the mistakes it represents. By owning them, without need to excuse, rename, or downplay them, I can truly learn and grow from them.

Besides, I give myself full permission to make mistakes and isn’t that the point?

In a society where perfectionism holds near disease status, in a world that condemns “mistakes”, I take back the freedom to make them, openly and transparently, for publicity is where shame dies, when we are the one that turns on the light.

It has been said that those who make no mistakes are not learning anything new, for learning involves making mistakes. I know this woman intends on making lots more of them, on my way to loftier heights and greater views.

So this is me, dancing into this new year, adjusting what didn’t work, abandoning things that didn’t work well enough, and hanging on for all my worth to the things that work incredibly well.

This is me, thanking Creator, for my mistakes.

Join me my friend, today let’s make a mistake or two by TRYING. Let’s try a new skill, try a new word, try a new route to where we are going, try a new meal, try making a new friend, try not being so bitter, try … whatever you so choose.

And if you make a mistake in the process, smile knowing you are once again that baby with guts enough to try to walk. Smile knowing soon you will RUN across the metaphorical room as you master this new thing you dared to try.

That thought truly makes me smile.