Day 29 – Stormy Day!

I am awake, I am alive and I am EXCITED!!!! Because today a new chapter begins.

Oreo was a companion in life now forever in my heart but I believe she would be thrilled with the new little furmate that joins my world later today. Stormy is yet another tuxedo, all of 8 weeks old, so today the “kitten proofing” of the house takes place as potential unsafe hiding spots are blocked off, covered, or whatever it takes to keep him safe.

And I smile because after a week of tears and fear, last night I couldn’t sleep at all for a totally different reason – pure excitement.

So this is me, counting the seconds until a tiny little furball takes over my heart and home and I am so willing to let him do just that.

Which begs the question – who did you let in my friend? Animal or human – we love because we allow ourselves to and nothing is more rewarding then finding those who truly appreciate and deserve that love.

I have no doubt that Stormy is such a being.

The journey continues! Toes beware! There is a furball coming home today! YAY!!!


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