Animal Wisdom …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am in awe of the animals and how to them “self care” is simply a fact of life.

For those who follow this page, you know I have a furball roommate of the feline variety. She is black and white, completely self aware, and a beautiful reminder to me of the things that matter.

When it is time to get up, she is there, waking me with meows or licks (depending on how hungry she is and how far past normal feeding time I tried to sleep). Her morning ritual reminds there are indeed things that need to be tended to so up I get.

At night she snuggles in, no sounds required, as if to say “We started the day together, we end it together”. She reminds me that no matter how the day goes, no matter what I am dealing with or how badly or amazingly I dealt with any part of it, she doesn’t care. I am warm and she loves me. Good enough.

But evenings are the best. Come 6 p.m. she is sitting in my t.v. chair, staring at me if I am foolish enough to be anywhere else. If stares don’t work, she will meow and I get the message every time. It is “Oreo time” and she wants her warm lap and quiet time with me. She wants attention as any family member deserves so each night, I do my best to comply.

Oreo leads my example. She eats, reminding me to do same. She sleeps, reminding me that is essential too. And she loves, every single day, come heck or high water, reminding me I must do same.

Is it any wonder our ancestors did not want to be removed from the animals that roamed free? Much can be learned from what they do for they do not have stress-related illnesses. They do not worry. They work to find food, they rest, they observe, they have children, repeat.

I am so thankful for animal wisdom and for my parents who constantly shushed us, instructing us to watch and learn from every rabbit, partridge, deer, moose or fox that blessed us with their presence.

The journey continues and for me, that journey involves a furball. Thank God.


I love you my friend.