Feathers …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning … I am thinking of feathers.

It is said that as young adults we are at the widest part of the feather. The stem is our path but as youth we are off in different directions each week, looking here and there for purpose, trying this and that. Such is the way of someone finding out what their path is, no matter the age.

But over time as we grow older, as we eliminate things and paths that don’t work for us, we become more focused. We are working up the feather to the point, where we have focus on one thing – our path, our purpose.

Events of late have highlighted for me that last year, I was indeed advancing up my feather but this year I advance with more focus, more intent, more wisdom and in turn, more results.

Such is the way of the feather.

So to those lost, perhaps you have yet to find your way. Perhaps you have spent far too long walking on another’s path. Whatever it is, have no fear, you still have a journey ahead of you. Things will become clearer, just keep going.

Food for thought.

Man, I love feathers.


And I love you my friend.