Not a Surprise …


I am awake, I am alive and today … is the day.

Important meeting today, the results of which will most definitely impact my business, my personal life, and my year ahead. I thought of the meeting as soon as I woke and then I laughed as I realized every day carries such weight.

For if there is one thing I have learned, it is that our future it not a surprise – it is a result. A result of seeds planted, a result of decisions made (or not made), a result of the things we chose to do and chose not to do, a result of the friendships we made and the relationships we chose (or didn’t) and on and on.

But I know that no matter how this meeting goes, my life will continue to be blessed because tomorrow as yesterday as today I am SURROUNDED by beautiful souls. And each of you is worth far more than anything.

So this is me, forgetting about that meeting for a moment, just long enough to thank each and every one of you that sent love, every one of you who commented, every one of you who sent prayers and comfort yesterday.

You reminded me that there is so much HOPE and LOVE in this world, a LOVE that eclipses any in my sphere that desire to spread hate or pain. And I thank you for the reminder.

Today, let’s plant good seeds. Let’s make great decisions. Let’s choose love and support over hate and criticism. Today let us burn the judge robes we sometimes wear.

Let’s … just be friends.

You with me?


I love you all, so so much.