Planting Trees …


I am awake, I am alive, and … the journey continues.

Mind swirling this morning, alternating between “Great New Ideas” and potential future plans. Big questions answered this week but until then everything is “iffy” meaning anything is possible.

And I do like possibilities.

So my friend, I choose to focus on you today and what you may be making possible in your world. Perhaps you are out there manifesting support and encouragement for a friend. Perhaps you are creating meals and memories for loved ones. Perhaps you are healing, bringing to an end those pains for your bloodline. Perhaps you are building for you and for those who benefit from knowing you. And on and on and on …

Because if there is one thing I know for sure, most do not even realize the impact of what they do. How one word (typed or shared verbally) can devastate or elate. How one hug (typed and sent or given in person) can light the darkest of places. How knowing one person cares can give even a complete stranger hope.

Today my friend, let us be vigilant, conscious of every word, ever post, every action we take, online or in person. Today let us take note of what we are about to plant before we break ground … or the spirit of another.

Let’s plant the seeds of mighty trees, that will inspire and bring hope to others long after we hit enter or close our lips.

Yes, let’s plant trees because God knows, the world needs more trees.