Day 24 – LAUNCHING!!

I am awake, I am alive, and I can honestly say I am EXCITED about the next two weeks simply because I cannot WAIT to see what I have accomplished by the end of the month …

Last week was all about seminar faciliation as I walked an amazing group of people through learning how to work with each other in a more understanding way. We had fun but it left little time for anything else. THIS WEEK, however, is ALL about my business and launching more things to support those I love!

– Wish you could attend one of my seminars? NOW YOU CAN from the safely of your home! THREE video seminars are now online and by the end of these next two week, a fourth will be there – a video version of the seminar I did via Zoom just last week! Check them out by clicking HERE! 

– Inspirational quotes and prints help to keep you on track? I have inspirational poems (taken from the pages of my books) available HERE. They are printed on card stock, autographed, and ready to be framed anywhere you need to remember how AMAZING you are!

– And of course my BOOKS! Whether its healing and assistance to make it through a grieving process (Honorary Indian), daily inspiration (Her Mother’s Daughter) or an action plan so you can be an active part of Canadian reconciliation (The PATH), the support you seek can be found in the pages of my books, books that have been assisting for more than a decade! For more on them, click HERE.  

– Blog posts each day. New inspirational video each week. Inspirational and personal email to my mailing list each Monday. All of that continues (so make sure to be on my list). To sign up, click HERE.

Yes, I am PUMPED to provide EVEN MORE to the people I have grown to love, people who are a part of my every single day because you my friend deserve love and support.

So this is me, a dedicated happy camper, working to serve you in even MORE WAYS by month’s end.

Check out the links.

Let’s go on a journey together!


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