The BEST is Yet to Come!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling.


Because the best is yet to come, for a multitude of reasons …

First and foremost, I am SURROUNDED by people who want nothing less for me than my success. Everyone and yes, I mean everyone in my world is cheering for me. Everyone believes in me. Everyone feels my continued success is a given.

How can dreams not thrive in such an environment?

And it didn’t happen by accident. In fact, there was a time when I had only one or two who believed in my potential and even they did not stand close. Rather, I stood beside those that told me my ideas were foolish. They questioned my wisdom and my intelligence.

In that environment, my dreams withered.

But slowly over the years, I moved further from those who doubted and closer to those who believed. I sought training and guides and mentors, assistance I still employ regularly.

And now, at 55, I am square in the middle of my highest potential years. The kids are gone, expenses are low but my experience, my expertise, my passion, my confidence – they are at an all-time high and yes, the best is yet to come.

And the fuel that will take me to new heights – my decisions. Good decisions and choices that support my progress are quality fuel, burning bright, lighting the way. Whereas poor decisions (especially repetitive old ones) are like sand in the gas tank. They cause damage. They slow my progress.

This I have come to not only know but adopt as practice. That my friend, is key.

Yes, this morning my spirit dances thanks to decisions of late, decisions made after seeking counsel, laying the foundation for future decisions that will also be made with expert help for I am nothing if not … learning.

I am here Creator, your faithful student. I have never stood at this level before, never known such clarity, such joy, such potential … but I can learn to be comfy here. After all, if I can adapt to darkness, surely I can adapt to light.

Today, I promise I will shine as my parents, my God, my friends, my family always prayed I would and today my friend, I pray you make the same decision.

For we are not the only ones who hurt when we think less of ourselves as demonstrated by our actions, words, and deeds.

YOU CAN DO THIS! It is never too late. Commit today to being a student of the universe and shine … so I can find you and come hug the STUFFIN outta you!! lol

Shine on!