Day 23 – Morning Meows

I am awake, I am alive, and I just woke to THE BEST SOUND EVER … the meowing of a hungry cat.

You see, yesterday was anything but a good day as the realization that my furmate had not eaten since Thursday night set in . Her original Mommy (my daughter) was called and many tears were shed as we acknowledged her lack of energy and her absolute disinterest in food. The vet was called as we prepared for the worst.

But what if it was her food? Picky at best, Oreo has been known to reject food in the past, food once considered her favourite. A last ditch attempt – new flavours purchased, even though most of us feared the worst.

Until the plate of food was set in front of her and she INHALED its contents. She napped afterwards, then woke to eat more. The cat that had ALWAYS woke me with meows to say she needed food was once again vocal this morning and I could not have been happier to obey!

So this is me, forever grateful that Oreo’s time is not up quite yet. Pushing 20 is rare for kitties but this one has bounced back with energy and appetite leaving me nothing but happy.

Love the STUFFIN outta your loved ones today my friend, whether they be 2-legged or 4, winged or crawlers. Their form doesn’t matter. Their place in our hearts does.

The journey continues … with my furmate. Thank GAWD!!

I love you my friend! HUGSSSSSSSS

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