Reading 101 …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am SO SUPER PUMPED because this year I am doing life so much better!

To explain – those who follow this blog know that on January 6th I gave up chips, pop and my daily Tim Horton’s 3×3. Since then I have watched my weight slowly creep downward with each passing day. I feel healthier. My pride in myself has increased. I feel I am honouring my body for the first time in AGES and it feels good, really good (and so does that new number on the scale).

But that doesn’t mean all is right … yet. Chips and pop had crept into my world as part of my evening activity. Truth be told, by day I am this empowered activist but by evening, I would turn into this glorified couch potato, inhaling mindless television and empty calories.

I hated my evenings. They were boring, mind-numbing. I knew I should do something else but what could I do when the day had taken all I had?


For one, I have started taking lunches to work. With fuel in my tank, I have energy remaining come the evening (just as my trainer promised so many years ago – eat more often = keep energy up = lose weight).

Two, I am revamping my loft. As of Friday, the weight equipment is gone and the “den” of my dreams takes it place, with a desk any exec would love and books to feed the soul (along with a killer reading chair of course!). Mom’s albums and the record player my son so thoughtfully bought me will have a home there too.

But that isn’t until Friday.

Last night, as I settled into my tv chair and picked up the remote, my spirit whispered, “I don’t want to do this anymore” as it had a hundred times before but this time, I heard.

I set down the remote. I picked up one of the million books I “plan to read”. I nestled into a comfy corner of the couch with a cat in lap and I read for 3 delicious hours. It was as relaxing as a night at camp had always been and by bedtime I was thrilled with my choice of “first book of 2020” (there will be many more).

My choice – “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It is so easy to see why those who are living their dreams love this book and I am now one of them.

So the journey continues as my activities become more congruent with my goals. One step forward, one step back may be a fun “cha cha” but this chick much prefers steady progress in the right direction and I do believe I just picked up speed.

Be YOU my friend, in whatever way possible. Be the Mom you want to be, the friend, the human. Feed your body and mind good fuel, not drivel. Cherish you and soon others will too. I promise.

All you have to do is keep going … in the right direction.