Release the Debt …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning only one life lesson is echoing through my mind … release the debt.

As we age, it becomes easier and easier to accumulate a list of people who “owe” us. Whether it is money, work, an apology, forgiveness … the list goes on and on but I ask you my friend, how does it feel to put the shoe on the other foot? How comfortable are you to run into those you owe?

This morning I sent an email to someone unable to repay a debt. I explained how I have been there, how I know how absolutely horrible it feels to owe someone and be unable to pay. I gave him time. I gave him freedom. I gave him faith.

Why? Because it is with those gifts that people shine.

Truth be told, I don’t want anyone uncomfortable, no matter what they owe me. I know he is doing his absolute best (because that is simply the quality of the people in my world). I know if he could he would but he can’t. To expect more is to simply torture him and that is not the woman I wish to be.

So …

Today my friend, for your sake, release as many debts as you can. For as you will soon discover, as you free them, you free yourself from the horrific role of debt collector.

Today my friend, for the sake of you and your journey, do not become the one another dreads hearing from.

You have the power.