Day 19 – Perfect Moments

I am awake, I am alive, as I sip my coffee on this “alarm day”.

Yes, Wednesday’s now include an 8:30 class so this is one of those rare days when I actually use an alarm. All good, the effort required is worth the result.

But the alarm is not where my attention is this morning. Rather, as I savour the first few sips of my coffee, I relish in the memory of those “perfect moments” that are scattered through each day.

For example, no one likes getting up in the middle of the night but nothing (to me) is more amazing then crawling back into bed, into the already warm blankets, on to the mattress perfectly curved just waiting for your body to return. Heaven … in the middle of the night.

Kitty kisses. First bite of a great meal. Morning sun. The sound of your own laughter. Just some examples of perfect moments and I pray my friend, your day is FILLED with them.

After all, they are the icing so often ignored by those racing to get to “life” but in my mind, they are life and they deserve to be savoured.

Sip sip.

Enjoy your day my friend.


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