The Wisdom, the Guts, the Reassurance …


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am thinking, “Thank you Creator for the wisdom, for the guts, and for the reassurance.”

First, the wisdom – recently I had to make a decision. To make it, I used my 55 years of acquired wisdom. I thought of the words of many an admired Elder. I pondered. I considered. I reflected. I weighed pros and cons as wisdom dictates we do.

Then, the guts – I made and delivered my decision. It was not well received. I was confronted with hurt, anger, accusation and pain. It felt horrible to receive such things but I knew where they were coming from. I understood but it did not change my decision.

And finally, the reassurance – a night filled with nightmares, reminding me what my life was like, what my life becomes every single time I am not wise enough or brave enough to make the decisions I must make.

Because my friend, as this series of events reminded me, our lives as they exist are not an accident. Rather, they are the result of the decisions we make. I have known the insanity of housing alcoholism in my home. I have known the fear that results when violence is invited in but I know the peace of building and PROTECTING sanctuary. I know how happy I can be when I actively and consistently PROTECT my happy. And I know just how beautifully bright my journey can be when I refuse to go back to the darkness.

Today my friend, make those choices – the wise ones, the ones that may require some guts on your part to make but the ones so needed to ensure you are walking the path you were meant to walk. That path was designed by Creator and not by another soul, just trying to find their way.

The journey continues …