Day 17 – Changing the Things You Can

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I acknowledge my blessings for I am truly one of the “lucky ones”.

You see, as friends and followers struggle to find work, keep work, or keep their business doors open, my career train is in high speed as clients search for already developed online options. With a “personality that transfers well to Zoom”, my calendar is doing its usual January ramp up after the darkest late spring ever in 2020 but I know my good fortune is not the norm.

So this is me, praying for those who were unable or unwilling to pivot, those that thought this virus shadow would have long passed by now, those still hoping for a quick end, and those still praying things will return to pre-Covid ways in the near future.

“Accepting the things you can not change and changing the things you can” is a prayer that has survived the test of time, fitting many a situation including this one. As I prepare to deliver college classes and seminars this week all from the safety of my home, I give thanks for the realization that there were many things I could change.

And you my friend, what can you and will you change to ensure your health, happiness, and emotional/mental wellness during this time? It won’t be easy. The question may test every “have to” you have clung to over the years but I know, without a doubt, you can find an answer.

Because one thing never changes for me … my belief in you.


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