“Be Good!”


I am awake, I am alive and this morning, I am thinking of my Mom and two little words …

If your Mother was anything like mine, you were constantly being told to “be good”.

“Have fun at school! Be good!”

“Have fun biking! Be good!”

“Have fun on your trip! Be good!”

That’s what I am thinking about this morning, because today, I think I am going to listen.

Today, I’m going to be good at my job. Today, I’m going to be a good friend. Today, I’m going to be good at parenting my adult children. Today, I’m just going to be good.

After all, Mom is still waiting to hear of my adventures at day’s end and I always loved the way she smiled when I was able to share that I was indeed “good “.

Be good today, my friend. For me, for you, for them. Gawd knows the world needs way more good and as always, change starts with you.


I love you! Hugssssssssssss