Day 15 – I LOVE My Life!

I am awake, I am alive and … I love my life. I absolutely freakin do! And I say that knowing for most this life would SUCK but not for me!

Case in point – this morning. I woke up late, the result of working late and not getting to bed until near 2 a.m.. Upon waking, I realized my Book Club Meeting was already up and running so in I went to chat with some of the most amazingly empowering and beautiful women I know. And then, straight onto a business call with a woman I adore, who is as dedicated to supporting her community as I am to supporting her.

And now this blog post.

Yes, it’s Saturday. To some that means I should be lazing around in jammies and eating big breakfasts. For the record, I AM still in my jammies and food will happen but I had to live in my dream world for a while. Not the one that comes to me when I close my eyes but rather the one I have built one amazingly empowering relationship at a time.

I love my life, that’s all I can say. I LOVE my life and it was worth every challenge, every trial, every moment of self-doubt that I had along the way to getting here so keep going my friend. Wherever you want to be, keep going.

Because I want you to say “I love my life” too.


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