Day 14 – Asking for Help

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so thankful for the reminder that asking works …

Lockdown, pandemic restrictions – these things are taxing all of us to the core whether we are individuals, municipalities, communities, businesses or the non-profits that support so many. Even agencies on our communities are feeling the pinch, trying desperately to keep their doors open.

Training is filling the gap for many who cannot perform normal functions and that means I have the joy of working with SO MANY familiar faces, even if only via Zoom. (I have discovered my friends are just as beautiful online, so no matter.)

But where would they be if they didn’t ask for help? Where would I have been if I didn’t ask for help in my darkest hours of 2020? And more importantly, where are you my friend?

This is me praying as HARD AS I CAN that in your time of need, you reach out. I pray you ask for help and if turned down, you ask again of someone else! After all, we all need help from time to time. We all need guidance, support, mentoring or just a friend to listen so don’t feel bad for asking.

It is, after all, why we, your friends are here – to help you up when you can’t manage it on your own.


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