Change Something …


I am awake, I am alive and today … honestly, I’m kinda excited because today it is back to work!

Yes, after an amazing break (the first in 10 years), after quality time alone and with family, today I head back to the office to get started on ensuring that 2020 takes out 2019 as my best year yet!

Do I have goals and targets? Absolutely! But even more importantly, I have plans. Even more importantly, I am enrolled in ongoing training. Even more importantly, I am attempting new things while revamping old.

In other words, I am adding more skills, abilities, and options because I know that what I have gave me my current level of achievement. If I want more, I have to be more, do more, try more or learn more. In other words, to change things something has to change.

To change things, something has to change.

I leave you with those words today my friend, hopefully a friendly and loving reminder to my friends who need to change something in their lives, those praying something will change, those who up to now have forgotten that first they have to change something.

Today my friend, say “No” or “Yes”, whichever is needed.

Today my friend, go. Or don’t.

Today my friend, try it or stop trying, whichever applies.

Change what you are doing or saying or where you are going or even with who. Change something so you can get the change you desire. Just don’t waste your time praying its someone else that will change because that my friend, is their path not yours.

Food for thought.

Let’s do this!!