Your Life …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as so many begin to think of returning to work for yet another year, only one thing comes to mind ….

In 2020, I pray you live your dang life!

This is me, praying that this year, you hang out with whomever you dang well choose. I pray you work wherever you feel you should for whatever reason makes sense to you. I pray you eat what you feel you should. I pray you go where you want to go.

For that is the only way to honour … you.

So please, my friend, this year date who you wish, dress how you like, speak how you want to speak, be who YOU want to be so that next year when the holiday season comes around again, you will put up your Christmas lights whenever you dang want. In July, if it brings joy. Before Remembrance Day if you so choose.

Or don’t. But you will decide.

And if you choose to put them up, bring them down when YOU choose as well. Again, July works if it works for you.

This year be the person who hugs for 2 or 10 or 20 seconds. Or better yet, don’t count seconds, count hugs. Hug to the left or right. There is no “wrong way” to hug and no hug is too short (contrary to way too many b.s. FB posts).

This year, you decide. Listen to old music. Listen to new. Just don’t tell others what they should enjoy. Wear white after Labour Day Wear high heels even if you are 80. Dye your hair or don’t. You do you Boo!

And don’t explain, do not ever feel you need to explain. It’s your life. This year, FINALLY live it before you begin to feel like yet another year was wasted.

In my mind, the only rules we have to follow is remembering to breathe, eat and rest. You decide how you want to treat others. You decide your behaviour and your words. You decide how you want to be remembered. You, not anyone else.

And please, allow others the same freedom. I know it can be hard. It is so much easier to manage their lives than our own but we take their lives out of their hands when we do, weakening them to a state that leaves them vulnerable. Please don’t do that.

Instead, this year focus on living your life because rich or poor, young or old, that is the only way to truly feel like you had one. So please, stop listening and start living! Because whether you do it their way or yours, it’s all going to end sooner than most want.

So let’s do it. More inward focus. More living, less judging. Be you now. Please, because I want to say I had the chance to know and enjoy the real you.


I love you.