One More Celebration …


I am awake, I am alive and although Thursday and Friday were spent on business related things, today my focus returns to family for one special reason and one special man who has been growing in my heart for seven full years now.

Yes, Creator has decided that my Christmas holidays should end with one more celebration – the birthday of my grandson and personally, I think Creator is right. It is an amazing way to finish the season known for family celebrations.

Today an excursion to determine the perfect gift. Tomorrow swimming and pizza at the home of the other grandparents, affording Little Man the opportunity to be truly surrounded by love from all sides. And then Monday, his actual birthday, it is bowling with his social network and even more family.

In my mind, this is how to celebrate a life and this little man who brings so much love and life to the existence of those who know him deserves nothing less!

So today I am not boss or consultant. Today, I am neither trainer or facilitator. Today, I am Gramma and it is THE best job ever!

Join me my friend, join me in celebrating the loves of our lives today. No need for names or pics (I have the public life, my children and their families do not). Just love them – openly, honestly, completely.

Typing that reminded me of my Mom and of how she taught me to love my children – completely and constantly. Just as I now also love the children of my children.


Enjoy this day my friend. Love the STUFFIN outta it and all you find in it. It is a great day to share some love and Gawd knows this world needs it!

I’ll start …


I love you!!