Your Path …


I am awake, I am alive, and as I prepare to head over to laugh and learn with the staff of Mahmowenchike Family Development Centre, I am reminded that some of us help people while others (like me) help people who help people.

To explain, as a young woman trying to determine which career path I wished to take, I took note of the fact that many of my friends were interested in fields such as social work or medicine. They wanted to help, to be on the front lines, making a difference for the people they would be given the opportunity to help.

I admired them as much as I knew I was not one of them.

I knew that, without condemnation. I just knew that if I were a social worker or nurse, I would be emotionally unable to leave work at work. I knew I would want to adopt and bring home every single human that I found hurting and since that was not feasible for a multitude of reasons, I knew I had to find another way.

It was then I realized that I could help those who chose to help.

As a result, I went into administration, vowing to ensure strong organizations and agencies supported those who worked the front lines. I studied to ensure financial and management decisions were made with front line support as a priority, not an afterthought and I did that work for 20 years.

Once that career path was done, I decided it was time to dance on the front line, sometimes helping those in pain directly but more often than not, still helping those who helped others. Nowadays, I rarely talk policy however. Now I talk self care and team-building, stress management and empowerment, supporting and encouraging the women and men who give their all so that others can shine.

And as you all know, I love my job!

So today, the opportunity to make a difference once again presents itself as I work with those who work with our most precious beings – our children. They entertain littles so Moms and Dads can work and I admire them.

And today, I will tell them so as we laugh and learn together. No wonder I love my job!

Which brings me to you my friend, which path did you take? Did you help others or did you choose, like me, to help those who help? Neither path is better or worse. Both offer reward. All that matters is the choice, for I have found that the ones who shine the brightest are the ones dancing on the path that fits them. Not society, not their spouse or family, them.

Which path did you take my friend?
I would truly love to hear.