Day 8 … I Need My Visions Back

I am awake, I am alive and after an AMAZING convo with some friends, I see now … how I need my visions back.

Visualization is the mainstream term for it but Indigenous people have long taken our visions seriously. Whether they come to us sitting by the water’s edge or in a dream, many of us were raised to contemplate these important messages. And for me personally, they literally helped me change my life.

You see, as a domestic abuse surviver, I spent way too many nights in shelters for abused women. There I shared with my toddlers the life we would one day live, the “eff you” house we would live in one day, the joy we would know without fear. Envisioning that future got me out of those shelters and into a home.

In business, day-dreaming of the “green room”, pacing in anticipation as some emcee read my bio and introduced me to the room, walking out to the audience there to hear MY words … those visions led me to the first, second, and hundredth time that dream was my reality.

Today, I realize I need my visions back. I think, we all do. As indigenous peoples specifically, we are up to our NECKS in poverty and racism and reality but what if we envisioned a world of acceptance, one in which we are the teachers, the guides, the leaders in systems we co-created rather than those we assimilate into?

I need my visions. Today, I take the time to once again dream. I pray you join me ….


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