I am awake, I am alive and this morning my hibernation ends as meetings begin, deadlines return, and a new work year commences … and that works for me.

Why you may ask? Well for personal reasons for sure. I have simply found that “doing nothing” too easily becomes a habit for me. Staying up too late, sleeping too late, the lethargy that comes with lack of activity – all things that I don’t need. So back to work I go, with a full understanding of why some retired peeps age so quickly.

You see, I saw it with my Mom. A women who was active and productive well into her 70’s until my eldest bro took pity on her. He didn’t like seeing her work so hard, doing so much, so he starting visiting daily, cooking for her, cleaning for her, so she could fill her days with puzzles and knitting.

I returned after a year of my brother’s pampering and I could not believe how much my Mom had aged for now she simply had no reason to get out of bed.

The following year she was gone.

The lesson stuck with me – how we all need a purpose, how we all need something that has us wanting to get out of bed, or else we are just … existing and after the initial rest, existing can become incredibly exhausting.

Does this apply to everyone? Absolutely not! I know many who have filled their retirement years with travel and sight-seeing, with volunteering and activities but then that proves my point – they have a reason to get out of bed.

So this is me, getting out of bed, getting back into the rhythm of my life, looking forward to my seminar tomorrow.

This is me living and that is reason enough to smile.

What gets you out of bed my friend? Whatever it is, I pray you LOVE it because we all deserve those kind of reasons.

Have a great one my friend! I love you!