Day 7 … Happy New Year

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am simply in AWE of just how much can change in one short year, making New Year’s Day 2020 almost unbelievable.

Last year, I was in my condo. This year my home.

Last year, I was anticipating upcoming travel. This year I am excited for the many virtual events on my plate.

Last year, my friends were local, closeby, within reach. This year my network has expanded to include friends across the GLOBE, friends that I look forward to laughing with even if we have never been in the same room together.

Last year, all my friendships were old. Yet, I begin this year armed with many relationships I have not known before, companions that add so much to my world as to leave me near tears.

Yes, the world has changed but so have I. And I am ready, ready to embrace, enjoy, celebrate and survive whatever comes next because I am so thrilled to still be here with YOU.

So my friend, this is me wishing you health, happiness, fun, adventure, security, sanity, love and friendship in ABUNDANCE in 2021. We may not yet be able to do it the “old way” but I have discovered “new” can be just as amazing.

Happy New Year!


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