It’s 20 Freakin’ 20!!!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am LITTLE GIRL EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S 20 FREAKIN’ 20!!!

Now for some context …

I am a woman born in 1964, raised in a big barn of a home with wood-stove heating and no running water, in a small northern Ontario town with one t.v. channel – CBC.

And on that t.v. channel, I had my favourites. As Mom cried over Coronation Street and Edge of Night, us kids watched the Beachcombers and the Wonderful World of Disney. But one of my all time favs was … Space 1999.

I laugh to myself now as I realize just how long I have been fascinated with diversity and cross-cultural relations because on that spaceship, aliens from many worlds lived and worked together. They wore the uniform of their chosen employer but no one questioned that this culture did things this way and those had the ability to excel in that field. Acceptance was the rule as all focused on the task at hand, not on fears or differences.

That young girl is alive and well in me and its 2020!! I can think of no better time than to commit to doing things BETTER and that is what I am committing to today:

In 2020, I will be better – a better friend, a better Mom, a better boss, a better facilitator, a better guide.

I will be more open. I will learn more. I will share more. I will doubt less and give more and I will trust in those around me to extents never before attained.

Why? Because I think we ALL deserve better from each other. We have chosen to wear the uniform of a human being but we are from different worlds and those worlds need to be respected, accepted, cherished and loved.

And for us ALL to be better, I need to be better so strap in my amazing and beautiful friend! Let us live to the FULLEST this year that is 2020. To heck with vision! Let’s take action!

Make it so!!
You with me?