Intentional Exclusion

Recently, I spoke of the fear many in Canada have. These are the people desperate to keep Canada the way it was. They have no interest in diversity, equity, or inclusion. They are set in their ways, often in fear of the future they see unfolding.

And I promised you that we would not do to you what was done to us, the Indigenous peoples.

I might have to walk that back a bit today …

To explain, if you can, stand up for a minute. Extend out your arms to each side, so your body looks like a lowercase “t”. Slowly spin around. Image that your hands are magically drawing a circle around you. Imagine that circle is your “Circle of Safety”.

Within that circle, you are safe. No one is attacking. No one is criticizing you (unless you are the one criticizing and attacking you, but that would be another post entirely). In this space you are safe. YOU have just created safe space.

Here you do your healing until you get to the point where you realize not everyone is a monster, not even those who look like monsters-past.

Now you are ready to invite people in, but who can you invite in with you? Who can stand beside you? Who would never harm or hurt you intentionally? Who is the one quick to apologize and make amends if they do accidentally hurt you? Now your circle has expanded. It is larger but still … safe.

And this is where I contradict my previous post, because it is at this stage where we decide who we walk with, work with, interact with, shop from, etc. And if you are not “safe”, if I must endure condescension within the confines of your establishment, if I must deflect racist slurs in your presence, well, soon enough I will not be in your presence.

As Indigenous nations from coast to coast begin to recognize their buying power, circles are drawn. No longer do we endure for the sake of getting what we need, for now we realize putting up with those who attack is NOT required.

So no, we won’t do to you what was done to us, but we WILL exclude if you are still one of those hellbent to cause us harm with your “jokes” and comments and stereotypes. Because wounds are not anything we need more of.

The journey continues …

I love you!