If It Resonated …

Good Morning All!

I hope you are well. I hope you are safe. I hope you are as thrilled to be here in this email with me as I am thrilled to be here with you.

Today, I want to reference the poem I shared yesterday. Even if you are not indigenous, there is a good chance the words resonated with you and that’s because marginalized recognizes marginalized.

It happens all the time in my seminars. A “white” woman will speak up and announce, “But all that applies to me too, not just to indigenous people!”

Sadly, the participant is often sharing to criticize my information when she could so easily be using the commonality to build a bridge instead.

You see, women are a marginalized group. Women, in general, know what it’s like not to “feel safe” and they are far from the only group. Ask anyone who falls under the HUGE umbrella of LGBTQ+. Ask a transperson or better yet, don’t. Just listen if they feel safe enough to share.

I pray yesterday’s post and my words most days encourage you to simply be more aware, aware of those who don’t feel safe (or who may not feel safe) in your lobby, sitting across from you as you sit behind your desk, in your class or in your store.

Walk a mile in their shoes and it might not be so hard to understand why I advocate so adamantly for the creation of safe spaces.

Because earning a living or raising a family or just EXISTING shouldn’t require us to endure unsafe spaces.

You with me?

I love you!