How’s That Unpacking Going?

So, how’s that unpacking process going?

As a reminder, unpacking is being conscious of the things you normally think, say, and do while asking yourself if what you think, say, and do supports inclusion, equity, and diversity or not?

Unpacking requires you change the things that don’t and in my opinion, assumptions should be the first thing to go.
– We shouldn’t assume everyone is comfortable in a place or situation just because we are.
– We shouldn’t assume everyone eats what we eat, celebrates what we do, or thinks the way we do.
– And if our planning is based on such assumptions, that should change too.

So question, how many of you wished me Happy Easter?

(Think about it …)

Exactly. Everyone that follows this page knows a) I am not Christian and that b) Christianity has resulted in harm to indigenous lives to an extent most cannot even fathom, a harm that continues in present day.

So why then, would you wish me such a thing?

Simple answer – because you always have and that is exactly the kind of stuff you need to unpack. It doesn’t matter that you “meant no harm” because it causes harm.

Every time an indigenous non-Christian child is made to feel like an outsider or an “other” on their own soil, that’s harm.

And that’s why the journey and the unpacking must continue.

Personally, I’m praying I see a great reduction in Easter best wishes next year. Because that is how I will know that change is truly happening.

One can hope.

I love you.