I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am PUMPED because it’s ROAD TRIP DAY!!

I swear that just never gets old! Whether I am traveling with friends, family, or memories, my spirit FLIES when I know I get to hit the road one more time. I can picture all the times I will have to pull over to record my thoughts. I smile as I think of the amazing sights I will once again see and of course, the people.

Tomorrow, in Garden River First Nation, I will meet people as I share my “Your Personal Responsibility for a Healthy Community and Healthy Work Environments” seminar. Some of the participants I may know (from past work/visits). Some I may know of and some will be absolutely new to me and that is the gift I cherish most of all.

So here I go, off to do my part once again, off to perform the duties of the puzzle piece I am, and I am thrilled to do the work.

And you my friend, what excites you about this day? What are you looking forward to? A great meal? Time with friends? A great movie? If there is nothing to look forward to, do yourself a favour and CHANGE that! It’s your journey after all. You are the driver.

Me? I am most definitely the driver. Highway 17 here I come! This woman is ready!

I love you my friend!
Enjoy this day!