Bulldozers …

I am awake, I am alive and this morning there is but one thought echoing in my mind, “Your enthusiasm is not my stress”.

It happens all the time in my world. Someone else is doing something and they want me to be part of it. They ask for my input and ASSIGN A DEADLINE even before asking. And then they wait, certain that I will meet their request.

Reality is, I might, if the project equally interests me. And I may be okay with that deadline or I might suggest a new one, ESPECIALLY if they did not considered my workload outside of their request. Or I may decline completely, no matter how enthuasiastic they are.

Bulldozers I am use to. I am Indigenous after all. We are use to others racing into our agencies and communities with GREAT IDEAS they just KNOW would work for us … and we are equally adept at closing the door.

So, my journey continues. I have my work for today. Time allowing, I will consider outside requests but that will be dictated by my schedule not theirs.

That is simply healthy business boundaries.

I love you!

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