Believe … in Unicorns


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking of the beautiful people …

They are people that are kind, when they could so easily be anything but. Those that are kind when they hold the power. Those that are kind when you have disappointed them. Those that are kind when they had every right not to be … but they are.

Once upon a time, I believed such people to be unicorns, an illusion in a sea of judgmental, angry, nasty people. But over time and after I stepped away from the ugly, I found them to be quite real. Still rare, still elusive, but real nevertheless.

Over the last few weeks, as I have been busy rebuilding the foundation of my life and work, I have met a few such unicorns where I least expected it (which is, of course, how they hide). Each time their presence stayed with me, like a gift I can hang on to, like a light leading the way back to the sun.

Today my friend, believe in unicorns. Have hope. Move away from those who treat you as anything less than a gift from Creator for the world. Because in the darkest of times is when faith and hope and unicorns are needed the most and this is a very dark time.

To those on the front lines, to those defending indigenous rights in the face of racism, to those defending water and land against the almighty dollar … I pray for you. You truly do Creator’s work. You are truly the stewards we were meant to be and YOU and you alone will guarantee that our grandchildren still have fresh air and water long after the jobs and the monies are gone. Because the corporations and/or the Federal Government has never given two chits about the lives and health and safety of indigenous children.

Yes, this bankrupt woman knows all too well how dangerous short-term gain is when the price is long-term loss, so fight and defend. Have faith and hope.

The unicorns believe in you.


Today my friend, defend the sacred and if you can, try on a unicorn suit or two or ten. You may be just what a warrior needs.